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All You Need To Know About Confidential Waste Disposal

Confidential waste disposal is a carefully monitored process covered by the Data Protection Act. As a business, it is crucial that you understand the UK’s laws surrounding this topic so you can avoid any security breaches as well as being prosecuted for not complying – Ignorance will not be considered an excuse! 

Society is becoming increasingly digital, but many companies still keep paper records of documents which include highly sensitive data. When this data is no longer needed, it needs to be destroyed for security reasons. It is the responsibility of the business to protect sensitive client information and improper disposal of their data is a breach of the Data Protection Act. You can be prosecuted for this and landed with a hefty fine.

We will explore these rules in more detail below. 

Why is confidential waste disposal such a big deal?

Any data that reveals sensitive, private information about customers, suppliers or employees can be dangerous if it gets into the wrong hands. A third party could easily use this information to commit crimes such as fraud, identity theft or blackmail. For these reasons, it is highly important you follow the law when it comes to confidential waste disposal.

In addition to a large fine (up to £500,000!), a sensitive data leak could lead to a complete breakdown of trust with customers, as well as tarnishing your company name. Avoid risking any of these consequences by disposing of your confidential waste with a professional waste management contractor, such as Wasteaway Nationwide. 

How to comply with the Data Protection Act

The Data Protection Act has been part of UK law since 1998. It covers the collection, processing, storage, and destruction of confidential information among businesses.

As a company holding sensitive data, one way in which you can make sure you adhere to Data Protection Act guidelines is by hiring a specialist confidential waste disposal service. Certificates can be provided to prove you have complied with the law in regards to confidential waste disposal.

How is confidential waste disposed of?

The only way to securely dispose of confidential documents is to have them shredded professionally. Wasteaway Nationwide work with many businesses and have years of experience in securely handling and shredding sensitive data.

Burning confidential waste is not a legitimate way of disposing of confidential waste. This is because burnt areas are never evenly distributed, leaving some sections of a page still legible.

Want to speak to an expert?

If you need help disposing of your companies confidential documents lawfully, do not hesitate to call Wasteaway Nationwide today. As experts in the field, we provide a range of commercial waste removal services which your business could benefit from. Browse our services online, or call now to consult a friendly member of our team: 0330 122 8822


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