Can you put garden waste in a skip?


Putting garden waste in a skip is a convenient way to get rid of excess garden material. You can place more materials into a skip, unlike a garden bin that gets collected every 2 weeks i.e. not enough! Now that summer is coming to an end, it means that leaves are falling and overgrowth is everywhere. It’s time for that end of summer garden clearout! 


Hiring a skip is a great, yet uncommon way of clearing extra garden waste that you can’t fit anywhere else. It’s cost-effective, efficient and you can rest assured that what you’re putting in the skip will be disposed of efficiently and responsibly. Skip hire companies like Wasteaway responsibly recycle garden waste at an anaerobic digestion facility which converts garden waste into biogas, which is then used as fuel! 



Can you put garden waste in a skip?– Why choose to skip hire for garden waste?


It may surprise you to know that disposing of garden waste is very cost-effective, you won’t have to hire someone with a van or clear your garden by taking the waste bit by bit to the tip.


Another reason you may want to choose skip hire for garden waste is that you don’t have to pay for labour costs, you just pay one fee for the skip. If you hire a man with a van, you will have to pay for the cost of his services and the cost of the time it takes to dispose of the waste. 


Can you put garden waste in a skip?– Can the council take my garden waste?


You can put your garden waste in your small bin that gets collected once a week, but you’ll have to adhere to certain restrictions, meaning you may not be able to place everything you wish in your bin. 


You’ll have to put your bin out on the right day of the week, make sure you don’t overfill it or put certain garden waste products in it and position the bin contents correctly. 


You could arrange special collections with your council at a price but you could also hire a skip with fewer restrictions, less hassle and more space. 


Can you put garden waste in a skip?


Garden waste is highly recyclable and can also be used as a renewable energy source. Around 80% of the waste that gets placed into our skips gets recycled or taken to its rightful home. 


Many people decide to burn their garden waste which is more detrimental to the environment as you will increase your carbon footprint. Also, your council can fine you if you break any rules, not to mention you don’t want to annoy your neighbours!


You can put any of the following materials in a skip:


Any garden waste including: 

  • Soil
  • Leave 
  • Branches
  • Grass
  • Plants


You can also put other items using the same tip: 

  • Old garden furniture
  • Old decking 
  • Fences
  • Old sheds
  • Trellises 
  • Plant supports

Are you wondering, ‘Can you put garden waste in a skip’? If you’re struggling to get rid of all your garden waste, get in touch with us today! You can hire a skip for 14 days and put most garden materials inside the skip.


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