How Does Grab Hire Work?

Similar to skips, grab hire is a service that helps remove large volumes of waste that are produced from construction, landscaping works, or industrial sites. However, unlike skips, grab lorries are fitted with a qualified driver and a hydraulic arm. The size of the containers used for grab hire is also significantly larger than those used for skip hire. 

Grab hire is especially useful for removing waste from hard-to-reach areas and in large quantities. Commercial clients utilise our grab hire service and as the No.1 local grab hire provider across the UK, we offer a quick and cost-effective way of removing waste from your site.  

How does it work? 

Grab hire is a waste removal service on wheels that works with a qualified driver at the helm, and a hydraulic arm attached. A grab hire lorry will be taken to your site and the driver will work with you to remove any waste. 

These 8 wheel trucks are available for hire with Wasteaway Nationwide, offering the perfect alternative to skip hire. Grab trucks stop you from manually shoving waste into a container with revolutionised waste removal technology in the form of a hydraulic arm, accessing difficult areas and not leaving a trace of rubbish behind. 

Grab hire solves waste issues at the source, rather than leaving you to take multiple trips to your local recycling centre. Fill your hired grab truck with as much waste as possible and have it taken straight from your site with Wasteaway Nationwide. We will deal with all collected waste, recycling as much as possible towards our target of zero waste. Reduce your carbon footprint and clear out your site with Wasteaway Nationwide’s grab hire service. 

How much is grab hire?

The cost of grab hire can depend on the size of the lorry, the waste you’d like removing, and how long you want to hire it for. The longer you keep your grab hire, the more expensive it will be. Grab lorries come 4, 6, and 8 wheels, which can hold up to an authorised mass of 32 tons worth of materials, but often hold around 16.

Some companies charge different rates when collecting inert waste than they do collecting mixed waste. If you exceed the agreed weight, you may also be charged extra every two tons. Don’t hesitate to contact Wasteaway Nationwide for more information on pricing for our grab hire service. 

Grab hire with Wasteaway Nationwide

We believe that grab hire is the perfect alternative to skips, especially if you’re dealing with large amounts of waste. We have a fleet of 8-wheeled grab hire trucks available 7 days a week, handling multiple loads at the same time. Each lorry is cleaned after use, ensuring every customer receives a well-presented grab truck at the exact time you requested it. 

Our drivers are fully qualified and CPC trained individuals, with years of experience in the waste industry. They are dedicated to providing an efficient and cost-effective service, as well as the machinery and equipment needed to complete each waste removal job. Give us a call on 0115 929 1297 for an environmentally friendly waste removal service. Make the right choice with Wasteaway Nationwide.


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