Where Does Skip Waste End Up?

After a skip has been collected, very little concern themselves with what comes afterwards. Our waste is taken away, not to be thought about again. We presume the waste is taken care of, disposed of in the proper way or simply ending up in a landfill. With Wasteaway Nationwide’s skip hire, our waste goes through a different process. If you’ve ever been curious about where your skip waste ends up, look no further. 



By choosing Wasteaway Nationwide, over 90% of your waste will be recycled along with all the other waste we collect. After collection, your hired skip will return to Wasteaway Nationwide and the waste will be properly sorted. Materials will be categorised and separated, before being taken to the correct recycling facilities. 

Our recycling efforts couldn’t be done without Waste Transfer Centres. These centres are dedicated to organising mass levels of waste, ensuring they land in the correct places. Recycling rates increase along with the standard of Waste Transfer Centres, the more thorough the process the better the recycling is. Currently, the UK’s recycling rate rests at a mere 45% of waste, with plenty of room for improvement. We are working to boost this figure along with the waste disposal industry, creating a lasting positive effect on the environment. 



Despite our exceptional recycling efforts, some of the waste we collect does end up in a landfill. Whilst we oppose the mass use of landfills, recycling technology has not been developed for every material out there, and therefore some materials have to be disposed of with landfills or incarcerated. We are aware of the negative environmental impacts of both and are working to reduce the need for them. With the introduction of the UK Landfill Tax in 1996, many companies utilise landfills as little as possible and waste is not disposed of without expense. 

The UK government introduced this regulation to reduce levels of waste in landfills, for the benefit of the environment. Wasteaway Nationwide wants to work with the government and their goals, creating a better future.

Whilst the vast majority of waste disposal companies work to reduce their carbon footprint, recycling as much waste as possible, there are the select few that take waste straight to landfill. Also referred to as fly-tipping, this practice has huge negative impacts and isn’t supported by us. 


Turned into something new

It’s incredible what can be recycled today, like old plastic straws into new swimsuits and recycled water bottles into new shoes. This is what Wasteaway Nationwide aims to do, giving our collected waste a new life. 

Different materials can be recycled into different things. Paper and cardboard materials are turned into a recycled version of themselves, slowing down deforestation rates which can massively impact natural habitats. Metal and plastic can be used for new electronic devices, reducing the need for forged materials. 

When you dispose of your goods with Wasteaway Nationwide, feel reassured that we are doing everything we can to help the environment. Give yourself peace of mind and your waste a new meaning. Contact us today for our skip hire service or visit our website for more information. 



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