5 Tips for Skip Hire Success

Hiring a skip is a simple process for all involved, providing an affordable way of disposing of your waste. For such an uncomplicated procedure, what is there to know? Skip hire is made an enjoyable experience by Wasteaway Nationwide, and we want to provide that extra little bit of information that will make the process even easier. 

As an industry-leading waste management company, Wasteaway Nationwide supplies expert advice for those curious about skip hire. Here are our 5 tips to skip hire success, perfect for first-time hirers. 


When hiring a skip with Wasteaway Nationwide, you have various options when it comes to skip size, whether it’s for commercial or residential use. Our sizes range from 2 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards, so our skips are ideal for every project. The larger sizes are perfect for construction purposes, holding building materials and waste, whereas the smaller skips are more suited to residential projects. Wasteaway Nationwide will work with each client, providing the ideal skip for their needs. 

Take note of your outdoor space when hiring a skip for domestic purposes, as skips placed on roads will need permits from your local council. 


Certain materials are not permitted to be disposed of with skip hire, this is because many waste disposal businesses don’t possess the proper licenses to deal with hazardous waste. It’s easy to assume anything can be tossed into your hired skip, but chemicals, electrical goods, medical waste amongst other substances can’t be placed in a skip. If you are unsure at any point, discuss your options with Wasteaway Nationwide and we can inform you throughout.

For skips placed in public areas, keep an eye out for what waste ends up in your skip. Members of the public might use your skips for disposal, something you will be responsible for. Keep your skip safe and away from public areas. 



The cost of skip hire is dependent on the size of skip you require, and how long your hire period is. Skip prices increase with size, so the bigger your skip is the bigger your costs will be. The most popular choice of skip is our 8 cubic yard skip, with an average price of £280 including VAT. This figure will fluctuate with each waste management service, with certain locations notorious for increased skip hire costs. 

The need for a permit will also affect the cost of skip hire services. Permits are necessary for skips placed on roads or in public areas, the price of which changes depending on your location. You won’t need to worry about permits if your skip will be located on private land. 


As we mentioned previously, skips located on private land will not require permits for use. Locations such as your driveway or front garden are completely permit-free, but this changes once your skip makes its way onto public property. Permits are needed when a skip is placed on a road, public footpath, or public area. They can only be applied for by your skip hire company, so inform us if you require a permit for your skip hire. 

We can help you acquire the right documentation before the skip is delivered, this prevents any legal action being taken against you. Parking zones need different permits and all permit applications can take a few days before they are accepted. Permits also come with a cost, which should be included in your budget when reaching out to skip hire services. 


At Wasteaway Nationwide, we have our own list of rules and regulations that each client must adhere to. However, these guidelines will change with each company, and whilst most are standardised it’s important to research each business before use. 

One standardised guideline is not overfilling your skip. Skips will have height restrictions you must follow, and if this height is exceeded some companies will refuse to collect a skip. Safety requirements, especially for construction sites or skips in public areas, change depending on your location but also must be followed. Common requirements are safety lights and skip covers for those on public land, but other guidelines might need to be followed. 

Wasteaway Nationwide provides an industry-leading skip hire service for customers around Northampton. Visit our skip hire page for more information, and don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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