Skip Hire vs Skip Bags

With Wasteaway Nationwide, you have an abundance of choices for skip hire. Whether you’d like a 2 cubic yard skip for 10 days, or a 40 cubic yard skip for 10 weeks, we are the company for you. However, you should be made aware of other options out there for you, more specifically Skip Bags. Also knows as Hippo Bags, they are ideal for small construction or residential projects, holding up to 1 ton’s worth of waste. 

Both services have multiple benefits, but which one is better for you? 

How skip hire can benefit you

Utilising Wasteaway Nationwide’s skip hire service is certainly more flexible for customers, with sizes ranging from 2 to 40 cubic yards they are suited to any size project out there. A perfect addition to your construction or domestic renovations. With little size restrictions, you can dispose of all your waste in one go, knowing that over 90% will be managed and recycled properly. 

Other benefits of skip hire include a heightened sense of safety for both construction sites and private land. Instead of waste being strewn around, it can be safely collected in one area reducing your environmental impact. Proactively aid the environment with minimal effort by hiring a skip with Wasteaway Nationwide. We all need to work to decrease our carbon footprint by recycling construction and raw materials. 

Most importantly, skip are convenient and easy to use. Dropped off at the desired site, each skip stays with you for as long as you need before being collected by us. If your waste load is little or large, Wasteaway Nationwide can help.


How skip bags can benefit you

Skip bags, also referred to as Hippo Bags or Waste bags are the lightweight counterparts of traditional metal skips. Much smaller in size, these bags can hold up to 1.5 tons worth of waste and are designed for smaller commercial or residential projects. With a lower cost for hire, skip bags are suited to those working with a budget and with smaller waste loads. 

The industry standard skip bag can hold one ton of waste, with certain Hippo bags extending to 1.5 tons. The waste requirements for skip bags are no different than traditional skips, making them a much more versatile option. For those with limited space, metal skips might be inaccessible or road permits might be required, increasing the cost of skip hire. Given their flexible material, skip bags are perfect for projects in a small area. 


What’s better? 

So, which one is actually better? 

The choice of a skip bag or traditional skip is completely up to the client and their requirements. The size of your project, the amount of waste and the space you have are all factors when choosing skip hire or skip bags. Wasteaway Nationwide recommends traditional skips for larger-scale construction, and skip bags for smaller projects. However, the choice is yours and we will work with your requirements. 

Metal skips have a standard hire period of 10 days, whereas skip bags do not. But if you require your skip bag for a longer period of time, the cost could start to add up. Both have their positives and negatives, depending on your requirements. Skip bags are better suited to some clients, and traditional skips to others. 

Wasteaway Nationwide provides an exceptional industry-leading skip hire service to clients throughout Northampton. Order your skip online today or contact Wasteaway Nationwide for more information on our services.


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