How to reduce construction waste

In efforts to save our environment, it’s essential that we all play a role in reducing our waste. How can we do this in a way that will make a difference, without negatively impacting the timescale and costs of construction? In this blog, we will discuss how to reduce construction waste, so that you can make a positive impact on the environment that we live in. 


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Good management and fewer mistakes


If you find that your crews are cutting incorrectly and using more materials than necessary to get the job done, the root of the problem needs to be addressed so that fewer materials are used. Ensuring that your staff are properly trained throughout the course of working is vital to keep costs and mistakes down. Doing this will also make the process more efficient, saving time to focus on other tasks. It’s a win-win! 

Don’t be easily distracted by the price


Focus on what you need, not what you could need. Cheaper prices for more material can be enticing sometimes and on occasion, it can be helpful! On the other hand, when you don’t have a project in mind for certain materials, they often go to waste. If you don’t already have a project planned- don’t buy the extra materials. If you do find out that you have been wasting materials and would like to take action on how to reduce construction waste, find out why you have and come up with ways to use them. 

Be wary of theft

If you work on a large construction site, it might be worth getting a construction security team to help reduce the chances someone will steal your equipment and materials. If you don’t have a security team, make sure either someone is always on the site or cover your materials when you leave. 

Work towards an eco-friendly future


Think about innovative ways you can reuse and recycle your old materials. Maybe do a separate DIY project with old scrap materials. There are some tips widely known to help you reuse old materials in construction too. You might like to try:


  • Saving drywall scraps for use as filler papers
  • Use concrete blocks, old bricks and masonry rubble as backfill for the foundation walls 
  • Reuse joint compound buckets as storage containers

Evolve with new techniques


There may be some ways to reduce construction waste when disposing of building materials. If not, you can look for skip businesses’ which take pride in placing waste where it’s supposed to be. Waste Away aims to make a good impact on the environment by recycling the majority of the materials they collect. 

Stick to minimal packaging 

There’s the right balance to be found between keeping your materials undamaged and packaging materials too much. Choose suppliers that use minimal packaging, it can be hard to find, but once you’ve found them, you know you’re making a positive difference. 


Communicate with suppliers

If you communicate with your suppliers, you can explain that you are transforming into an eco-friendly business and wish to see what they can do on their end to help. Partnering up and going through how to reduce construction waste together, can be a huge environmental advantage. You might find that they will go to extra lengths to help. It will always be in their best interest to sell to you- you might be surprised with how much they want to help. You could ask them to deliver your materials on returnable pallets and pick them up when you make your next order or finish the project as an example.  


Thank you for reading our blog ‘How to reduce construction waste’. If you would like to dispose of your waste in the correct way, get in touch with Waste Away, the company that cares about the environment. 


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