Why is correct waste management important?


Disposing of waste is inevitable for every human on the planet, whether its residential waste, commercial, industrial, construction, agriculture or more. You cannot help the waste you dispose of, but you do have a responsibility and level of control over where the waste goes. Disposing of waste is a huge logistical task and it’s sometimes difficult to dispose of it in the correct way, but it’s possible to do and it makes a huge difference to our environment. 


Here at Wasteaway, we will ensure the correct waste management is pursued in order to save the environment around us. We undertake recycling wherever possible and take garden waste to make green energy. 


In this blog, we will discuss why correct waste management is important and how we can help to make sure the environment is taken care of properly. 


Why is correct waste management important?


Of course, the obvious answer is that waste shouldn’t go to landfill sites. Landfill causes deviation to our environment and many plastics found in landfill take hundreds of years to decompose. Due to the fact that landfill sites are destroying our planet, waste disposal methods are consistently re-evaluated to make sure that we don’t cause too much destruction. The truth is though, that a lot of the time the government simply decides to place our waste on other countries where the cost is cheaper. Effective waste management is not just vital for our own country, but for all other countries around the world. 


We are facing one of the biggest problems, so why is correct waste management important right now? Plastic waste is not only a problem for nature, but it is also a problem for us too. Plastic that goes into the ocean has devastating effects on marine life but also on the people who live nearby. In Malaysia, people who lived close to dumped waste were having breathing difficulties, difficulty sleeping and feeling nauseous. This is caused by all of the toxic fumes and smoke from plastic waste that had been dumped and burned in the open air. 


Although our future for waste and landfill sites seems bleak right now, there are ways in which we can turn it around for the future. In essence, we should always separate recycling, garden, electric and non-recycling in separate bins and even try to cut down on how much plastic we buy. There is also some good news, green energy is now being transformed by garden waste and recycling is being used like never before. 


The government and the public are starting to take correct waste management much more seriously now, all due to the environmental protection act that took effect in 1990.

Why is correct waste management important for our future?


  • We can protect our environment from pollution and contamination.
  • Value of recyclable materials- Companies will buy recycled materials due to their value which gives an opportunity for new jobs. 
  • Safety- effective waste disposal can make sure that people aren’t harmed. 
  • The world is progressing- the more we learn about waste, the more we can discover materials for the future. For example, you can now purchase completely dissolvable plastics! 

Effective waste disposal methods


  • Make sure that when you use a waste removal company, they’re doing it right. Companies like Wasteaway are always looking for innovative, eco-friendly ways to dispose of waste. 
  • Recycling- If you’re unsure what products can be recycled, check on the packaging. Around 75% of waste is recyclable, so you should be able to recycle the majority of your products. 
  • Composting- You can use your food waste as fuel for your garden! Simply collect all your old vegetable peelings and put them on top of a compost heap. Eventually, located at the bottom of the compost heap will be healthy soil for you to reuse in the garden. If you don’t have a garden, you can donate your food waste to a plant or public garden!
  • Reusing- You can repurpose and reuse certain materials. For example, an old tire you could turn into a swing. You could also buy a reusable shopping bag so you don’t buy more plastic bags than necessary.
  • Anaerobic digestion- This is a natural process that occurs when plant and animal materials can be broken down by microorganisms and turned into biogas. 

Thank you for reading our blog ‘Why is correct waste management important’. If you would like to dispose of waste in the right way, get in touch with Wasteaway today.


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