What are the Different Types of Security Fencing and when to use them?

When it comes to building a physical security barrier, security fencing is the first line of defence. There are numerous reasons why you, as the owner or occupant of any residential, commercial, or industrial property, might require security fencing. In essence, security fencing serves as a deterrent to intruders and vandals. Installing the appropriate type of fencing on your property provides you with peace of mind and lowers the costs of damage restoration.

Unsurprisingly, the type of security fencing that is appropriate for you will be determined by the function for which it is required. Is something extremely impenetrable required soon, or will something less solid and more transitory suffice? As you can assume, the more heavy-duty the type you choose, the more expensive security fencing becomes, so knowing what you need to prevent wasting money on unneeded measures is critical.

If you are looking for security fencing in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire for your site, you are probably thinking about which type is best. In this blog, we will go over the various types of security fencing and when they should be used. Additionally, we will give you more insight into Heras fencing and why Wasteaway Nationwide is there to make the process simple for you.


Heras Fencing

Temporary fencing can be used to keep trespassers off of private property and construction sites, as well as to protect the general public. Heras fencing is lightweight and easy to install, making it easy to transport and be deployed to wherever it is needed.

Individual panels are connected by support braces and couplings to form Heras fencing, which can be covered with a lightweight mesh banner to advertise your brand. Each panel has a strong metal tube border typically with a 3.5m x 2.0 m dimension, and a grid in the centre is closely built to prevent anyone from getting through.

Two tubes are used to create the border, the first is a small tube that runs down the metal grid’s bottom. When joined with the first pole, the second is a much longer tube that is bent so that it runs up one side across the top, and down the other side to form a rectangle. The ends of these tubes are inserted into concrete bracing blocks, which hold the panel in place and connect it to neighbouring panels. Anti-tamper couplers are used to fortify connections between panels. 

Heras fencing often comes in either galvanised or polyester powder-coated finishings which extends its lifespan.

Apart from being used to secure construction sites, Heras fencing is also useful for crowd control at gatherings and events, and to secure the area around which a building is to be demolished. This helps you stay within the rules and regulations of construction sites and is more affordable than using the option of CCTV cameras or employing the services of human security.

Wasteaway Nationwide ensures an easy and cost-effective process of hiring Heras fencing, as we allow you to hire per panel, with the provision of the same day or next day delivery, installation, and 3.5m x 2.0m panels amongst others.

Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is constructed from cold and hot rolled steel sections and is widely used to protect large scale industrial buildings or commercial premises with records of high crime rates.

Palisade fencing comes in two profiles: ‘D’ and ‘W,’ with the ‘W’ giving the higher security of the two. This type of security fencing is distinguished by the fact that it comes in a variety of heights to meet the needs of property owners. It is made of exceptionally durable materials and is weatherproof.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is a popular choice for low-security applications. For schools, courts, parks, industrial areas, and sports pitches, it usually demarcates borders and provides a low level of protection.

Galvanised steel or plastic-coated steel wire is used to make chain link fencing. It’s usually black or green, and it’s braided in a zig-zag pattern to make a diamond-shaped fence. Chain link fencing is available in a variety of heights and anchors to concrete or metal posts.

Mesh Panel Fencing

This security fencing type typically provides medium security, and it is particularly aesthetically pleasing, hence its popularity. It is made from galvanised stainless steel, consisting of wire mesh strands welded together from a tough mesh.

Mesh panel fencing is mostly available in black and green that come in various designs. Although relatively expensive, it is popularly used in playgrounds, parks, sports grounds, and even in residential areas.

At Wasteaway Nationwide, we are experts when it comes to security fencing. We provide our clients with top of the range Heras fencing hire for all of their security needs. Get in contact with one of our team today and find out how we can help. Call now on 03301 228822.




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