Who invented the skip?

You may have recently hired a skip and wondered who invented the skip in the first place and how it became so popular. Or even, you might have been asked the question at a pub quiz and are sneakily researching the answer. Whatever the reason that leads you onto this blog, we will answer the question with clarity. 


In short: The skip was invented by Edwin Walker


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Who invented the skip?: Edwin Walker

In 1922, Edwin Walker invented the skip and thought of the idea when working as an employee manufacturer named Pagefield. The method of waste removal that is still used in modern-day, was created when Mr Walker wanted to find an alternative to a horse-drawn cart for waste disposal of various materials. The horse method was outdated, filled up quickly and required multiple trips to and from waste sites.


How did the skip become what it is today?


Once the idea to create the skip came upon Mr Walker, he wanted to put his ideas into action. He decided to meet with a borough engineer where the problem of transferring waste to and from disposal sites was discussed in detail. The solution they came up with was that a horse-drawn skip would be used which could hold approximately 100 bin bags, this would then be hauled using a Pagefield lorry which would later be transferred to the disposal site. 


In 1926 the first system that did not require any transfers via horses was launched, with demand for skip hire increasing over the years by uptake of DIY as a hobby and the continuing need to upkeep Victorian properties.


How are skips used in the modern-day? 


During modern-day, you can hire a range of different sized and shaped skips for both domestic and commercial purposes. In addition, you can hire containers which are more suited for municipal and industrial waste. A large amount of options available gives customers the opportunity to dispose of the right amount of waste and make sure that it goes to the right place too. You can find the best skip suited to your requirements and the waste can be collected quickly and efficiently. 


Domestic and commercial skip hire waste is not simply taken to landfills. As an alternative,  it is transported to a suitable recycling facility where it is sorted and processed ready for reuse.

Materials that cannot be recycled are instead used to generate energy, ensuring that skip hire waste disposal is as eco-friendly and efficient as possible.


Hiring a skip with Wasteaway


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