What can you put in a skip?

A general rule to go by when filling a skip is that practically everything can be placed into it. The only items to avoid when filling a skip is anything that can be deemed as hazardous. This article by Wasteaway will give you a run through of examples of correct skip use and what we’d

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5 examples of when to use grab hire

Similar to skips, a grab hire service provides a way to remove large quantities of waste, therefore taking less time to remove. Grab hire can be used in a variety of circumstances, like construction or landscaping projects. However, hiring a grab truck can provide a number of benefits for companies and businesses. Firstly, each truck

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what is commercial waste

What Is Commercial Waste?

Commercial waste, also known as ‘trade waste’ or ‘business waste’ – can be a wide ranging topic, as it may come in many forms. Every company or business has rubbish that requires disposal, regardless of industry or trade. From retail to construction, the waste produced commercially requires disposal of some sort. Though, as a business

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